ASILAH, visit of a charming artistic medina  

Located about 35 km south west of Tangier, the visit to the port of Asilah will be a pleasant excursion of 4 to 5 hours. Some good restaurants allow a lunch stop on the spot or on the route.

Asilah is reached by a coastal road that runs along the “diplomatic” forest, itself located along the littoral with its spectacular and long sandy beaches.

Megalithic monuments (Cromlech de Mzora) and Punic vestiges bear witness to the age-old and prosperous populations that lived in this region.

Occupied by Arabs in the 8th century, Asilah was a peaceful fishing port. Its fate changed in 1471, when the Portuguese landed there to conquer Tangier and the north coast as far as Sebta. From then on this strategic access was transformed into a fortified port square as it can still be seen today.

The visit of the old medina of Asilah surrounded by its towers and its Portuguese ramparts constitutes a very pleasant and picturesque walk thanks to the exceptional points of view which it offers and which will delight the photographers, but also thanks to the charm which emerges, from this small town full of light, to the white houses often decorated with very coloured mural frescos, works of local painters.

Asilah, during the tourist period, is rich in quality craft shops and art galleries. In August, the city celebrates “a cultural moussem”, one of the most famous Moroccan festivals attracting many artists.


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