Discover the blue city “CHEFCHAOUEN”  

From Tangier, it is possible to make the round trip in the day by leaving between 9am and 10am depending on the season.

Heading southeast, the two-hour drive to Chefchauen allows us first to discover the importance of the new suburbs of the city with its wide avenues, its free and industrial zones. At one point, on your left, you will see with astonishment the “plaza de toros” one of the very rare arenas located in Africa; it was built by the Spanish and hosted its last corrida in 1962 after a long tauromachic tradition which dated back to 1880.

After 50 km of crossing the hilly Moroccan countryside, the road passes near TETOUAN, former capital of the region under Spanish protectorate. Then it goes south on the side of the mountain in an increasingly arid valley.

Located at an altitude of 600 m, CHEFCHAOUEN appears like a white spot on the side of the mountain. As soon as you enter, you will feel the true Andalusian Arab authenticity preserved in the streets and houses of its old medina and casbah.

The colour of the walls in bluish tones gives the ensemble a picturesque note which, with the alternation of lights, makes this site a paradise for photographers.

The city, more than 10 centuries old, is hung on the foothills of the Rif mountains to better defend itself, it was once forbidden to foreigners. It still retains a traditional and exotic character in its magnificent mountain setting. The site remains preserved in spite of an increasingly important tourist frequentation.


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