West of Tangier, about 12 km.
You can access it from the “Vieille Montagne”, a chic district with its palaces, the R’Milate park and the splendid umbrella pine forest of Perdicaris. Then we go down to the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying a splendid panoramic view of the entire coastline stretching south.
Arrived near the seaside, if we go to the right, we reach the CAP SPARTEL which symbolizes the junction between the 2 seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. After enjoying the wild and tumultuous spectacle of the place, we head south along a series of vast, welcoming and picturesque beaches that take us to the GROTTES D’HERCULE.
On the spot, mythology tells us that this cave, surprising to visit, was Hercules’ last resting place, after he had knocked down the giant Anteus, stolen the golden apples from the “Garden of the Hesperides” and finished his famous work of separating the two continents, Europe and Africa, relying on the two “columns of Hercules” which are the rock of Gibraltar and the djebel Moussa near Sebta.
This visit can be organized over a duration of more or less 3 hours.
On the way back, the crossing of the new city of Tangier is very instructive to understand the importance of the economic expansion and demography of this city called by Moroccans the “Pearl of the Strait”.


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