Adress du Dar Chams Tanja

2, rue Jnan Kabtan 90030 TANGER Médina (angle rue Jnan Kabtan et rue Bab el Assa)
Tél : +212 539 33 23 23, +212 642 27 96 37
GPS parking (H):      35.788322 , – 5.812103


You arrive by the train station of Tangier (A)
Join place of France (E) Center:

At the roundabout in front of the railway station in Tangier, you Take the left (A)
At the next roundabout, go straight Avenue of Spain (B)
Continue straight (C)
Up the Avenue Mohamed V (D)
To Place de France (E)

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Then the place of France until DAR CHAMS TANJA:

Place de France (E)
Turn right onto the rue de la Liberté to the Grand Socco,
You get out of this square in front of the door “Bab Fath” (F)
You borrow the streets of Italy and reassemble straight street of the Kasbah (you cross a market) …
In the top right, you pass under the door “Bab Kasbah” (G).
You are in the Kasbah, and you still continue 300 meters to the place of Méchoir. You park at the bottom (H).
You are á 80m Dar Chams Tanja passing under the Bab el Assa (I)

Dar Chams Tanja

Dar Chams Tanja Dar Chams Tanja Dar Chams TanjaDar Chams Tanja Dar Chams Tanja Dar Chams Tanja


You arrive: